Alex Arnautov

Tattoo artist

Alex is an owner of the A3metric Tattoo Workshop based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He started his work in 2008 and he experimented a lot of styles, but his favourite is sacred geometry, optical illusions, ornamental art, blackwork and dotwork.

His works are recognized for constructing exact compositions, symmetry, proper lines and shapes, inspired by nature.


Black color is fundamental

Blackwork is an austere and a controversial style. It is also iconic for it reflects an age old tradition as well as latest modern advancements.

As the name implies, Blackwork got its name for its disregard of bright colors and shades (other than black).

You can describe Blackwork as rich black and its many variations. It comes in endless number of geometrical forms, shapes and intricate ethnic patterns done using black color. It also works wonders if you would like to get a new pattern on top of your old and boring tattoo.

Even though it’s a separate art movement it has also manifested itself in many other styles such as Dotwork, new tribal Art-Brut and ethnic tattoo, (trad. Rev. tattoos as well as Buddhist Thai tattoos (so-called oriental style)

The term black work also embraces a wide range of other shapes and directions which have emerged from Neo tribalism – a movement from the 60s which reached the peak of its popularity much later (the 80s and the 90s) and has served as an inspiration to a number of other great styles. Even though the concept doesn’t sound too complicated it nevertheless offers a perfect solution when it comes to style definition and the question of “what is a modern black tattoo”. When using black ink is the core of Blackwork, it is not bound by it. For example, Black and gray technic originated in the City of Los Angels, California, isn’t really a part of “Blackwork”, even though you also use black ink and water only. The term Blackwork describes its spirit which is sometimes highly stylish and/or totally abstract.


From chaos to order

Dotwork has lately gained huge popularity for its marvelous shades, depth and great feel of texture it offers.
This technique requires every dot to sit separately from each other and this is the reason why it takes quite awhile and it also requires a lot of patience.
It is done using a tattoo machine or by hand (so called hand-poking)

Dotwork is both – a style and a technique, where Dotwork is often an ornamental work done with dots.
As a technique is is widely embraces and used by other styles too (realism, old school, etc., etc.)